Cleanroom gowning

Why Cleanroom Gowning is Essential

Why Cleanroom Gowning is Essential

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I often hear resistance by operators to the required cleanroom garb, especially in the summer months or the Indian Summer we are currently enjoying.  And it is not surprising. Whilst temperatures soar and we enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, operators are covered head to toe with an additional layer or more of PPE. Over shoes, boots, coveralls, gloves, hairnets, beard snoods, masks and goggles. Operatives are often working on very intricate processes which would be much easier without gloves! 

Whilst we can suggest cleanroom garb to suit a generic ISO standard, your risk assessment will determine the cleanroom PPE required for your process.

I have answered this question in many ways over the years. I usually do a demonstration to new users with our particle counter. Simply rubbing your ungloved, clean hands together over the LSPC demonstrates the problem as the reading spikes into the millions. At exhibitions we have had some fun by placing a £50 note in the portable cleanroom (not commissioned). All yours if you can actually get to the money, no PPE, without being picked up by the particle counter. Some opt for a stealth approach and others think they maybe quick enough to escape the laser. My money is very safe. This week I saw a visual that I wanted to share as I think it really shows why this is so important. 

All ISO Cleanroom designers, project managers and of course testers are fully trained and we take CPD very seriously. My colleague and I have just completed a cleanroom validation course at ATI and this image was in the slide deck. It shows the amount of particulate we shed and also how your behaviour in the cleanroom, how fast you move also makes a huge difference. I think the image speaks for itself.

So to all of those who thought it was OK to just pop into the cleanroom, the alarm bells are ringing!


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