ISO Hood

ISO Hood

The ISO Hood is a cost effective and un-complicated bench top enclosure which can be designed with either unidirectional (laminar flow) or non-unidirectional (turbulent) air flow intended for the creation of a small ISO certified enclosure.

The laminar flow booths are designed and built to suit the dimensions of the process it is to enclose but we do offer some sizes as a starting point.
1200mm or 1800mm wide x 600mm deep x 700mm internal height plus fan box
We have built taller and or deeper units to allow for pieces of equipment and L shaped and even T shaped arrangements to allow for full process enclosure. As we build to order we can accommodate almost all requirements.

The normal orientation is for the HEPA or ULPA filter to be positioned on the top providing vertical, unidirectional airflow however we can also mount the HEPA to the rear for horizontal, unidirectional airflow.

As with all ISO Cleanroom we keep a keen eye on the standards so that our clients don’t have to. The ISO Hood is a fully testable enclosure designed in accordance with Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments – Part 7: Separative devices (clean air hoods, gloveboxes, isolators, and mini-environments) (ISO 14644-7:2004) with reference to ISO 14644-4:2022 as an unrestricted air overspill unit with aerodynamic separation. As such there is no pressure differential between the interior and exterior of the unit.
The unit is designed to enable testing according to ISO 14644-1:2015, ISO 14644-2:2015 and ISO 14644-3:2019.

The ISO Hood is designed to operate within the classification limits of ISO 5 for a particle source strength of 50,000 particles per hour at 0.5 micron.

Applications include:

  • Protection of sensitive equipment
  • Protection of sensitive processes