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HEPA Enclosure

HEPA Enclosure

HEPA Enclosure

The HEPA Enclosure is a very useful piece of equipment for projects which do not call for an ISO accredited environment.

The HEPA filtered enclosure is filtered with H13 or H14 or U15 filters and are incredibly versatile. They could be called walk in laminar flow booths or clean enclosures or perhaps cleanroom tents. They can be portable or fixed, they can be designed to provide a particle count over the process equivalent to any of those described in ISO 14644-1:2015.

They can be situated in a cleanroom if you need to increase the level over a particular area. E.g. In an ISO 7 cleanroom to cover has one part of the process that requires ISO 6 but they can also be situated directly in a ‘dirty’ process/assembly/ manufacturing environment to protect one particular piece of equipment or process.

The HEPA filtered clean enclosures are designed to be fully tested to the requirements of ISO 14644 part 1 and 3 and in accordance with the design requirements of part 4 but due to the soft walls and construction methods of the clean enclosure they will never achieve enough positive pressure to guard against the risk of particulate moving up stream and onto the process but for some projects this is not an issue.

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Peter Phillips

I knew of Toni and her team from around 2003 and the days of their Clean Tent business. With a small new business that needed a clean room, I went straight back. Very helpful discussion with Toni led me to choosing a custom lamina flow hood (cheaper!) which was delivered bang on time, immediately passed an ISO 1385 audit and has been cheerfully maintained ever since. I'd go back to ISOClean because they know their stuff and do what they say.


ISO Cleanroom were very easy and practical to work with. Both Toni and Amaleed were knowledgeable and very flexible - looking forward to working with them in for future projects.

Siobhan Carey

I recently contracted Iso Cleanroom to design and build two modular ISO Class 6 cleanrooms so that our small orthobiologics company could implement in-house manufacture. They delivered on all of their commitments on cost, schedule and quality with no fuss. They showed up they day they said the would and finished up the day they said they would. They were extremely organised and meticulous, and helped us to address some unforeseen issues that cropped up during the installation.

Gareth Evans

We contracted ISO Cleanroom to design, build and validate a large cleanroom in our new facility. Toni really knows her business, and was very helpful through the design process, enabling us to make the most of the available space. When it came to installation, Anthony and his team did an exceptional job, keeping the install to schedule. We are very happy with the professional service we have had from ISO Cleanroom and would not hesitate in recommending others to use them for any cleanroom requirements.