ISO Cleanroom founder appointed to Contamination Control Network Committee

ISO Cleanroom founder appointed to Contamination Control Network Committee

With a passion for promoting high industry standards, and sharing knowledge with customers and fellow professionals alike, ISO Cleanroom founder Toni Horsfield is extremely proud to have been appointed to the managing Committee of the Contamination Control Network (CCN).

Founded in 2018, the Network was established to support the needs – and provide a voice – for cleanroom, clean air and containment practitioners.

As well as giving access to the latest industry news, the organisation promotes training and education opportunities, shares key research and literature and generally provides a forum to enable members to partner, collaborate and communicate – as well as develop and progress in this advanced and challenging industry.

I was delighted to be asked to join the committee because the CCN’s goals and values are very close to our own: ISO Cleanroom’s business has been built on the principles of providing simple, honest support for our customers, getting away from some of the mystique that some still perceive, by sharing our knowledge in a positive and friendly way, with a big emphasis on clear communication.

Toni Horsfield

With 22 years’ experience in commercial design, clean room technology has been a thread running through Toni’s whole life- well before the establishment of ISO Cleanroom. Her introduction to the industry was aged around eight, when her grandfather had a company called Vacuum Science Workshop (VSW) which was sold to VG in the early 1990s. Toni set up her own first business, Space BDC when she was 26. Space BDC specialised in creating stylish and comfortable working environments that combined practicality with latest technologies. She added to the company’s scope with the purchase of an architect’s practice and started to support her father with cleanroom designs and builds as part of his activities at Moorfield Nanotechnology. Moorfield Nanotechnology provides laboratory equipment in Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

The challenge her father faced in Moorfield was that they would complete the manufacture of instruments which required a cleanroom environment, but clients rarely had their own cleanroom facility ready on time to receive them. His solution was to design a pop-up cleanroom: the ‘Clean Tent’. Despite Toni’s decision to sell Space BDC and start a family, she continued to support her father with this venture, setting up ‘Clean Environments’ where she expanded the range with other products complementary to the Clean Tent. Her 5-year plan to build up and then sell, stretched to 7.5 years thanks to the Covid pandemic – but with that in the rear-view mirror, she again set her sights on becoming a full-service cleanroom provider and validation specialist, and ISO Cleanroom was born.

Excited by the new opportunities offered by her role on the CNN committee to share her vision and support fellow members of the industry Toni said;

’There was so much energy in the room at my first meeting as a member of the management committee in September – it was great. We talked about our goals within CCN and my initial focus is going to be on training.

‘As a body, we already offer the Cleanroom Testing and Certification Board – International (CTCB-I) courses which enable our members to gain certificates through training and formal examination. I’m going to be looking at that whole area together with the Chairman, Tim Triggs to see if we can develop it further to support the organisation and our members.

Toni Horsfield

To contact Toni at ISO Cleanroom, call 0161 529 2816 or email [email protected] or to find out more about the CCN, see