About the team

About the team

ISO Cleanroom was set up by the founder, Toni Horsfield to plug a gap in the market for simple, honest cleanroom support. Quickly joined by her husband Anthony Horsfield, ISO Cleanroom is a proud family business.

‘I believe that the principles of good cleanroom operations are relatively straight forward and should be accessible to all users. Our aim is to act as your in house cleanroom expert, working hard behind the scenes to take the heat out of your cleanroom management.’

Toni Horsfield, ISO Cleanroom.

Our team of passionate team bring a fresh perspective to your controlled environments with a determination to make your cleanroom projects run as smoothly as possible. We are 100% committed to our customers success.

Awards and accolades

Contamination and control network

The UK cleanroom society CCN is the society for cleanroom, clean air and containment professionals providing a network for knowledge and development through training and education. We are very proud that our CEO Toni Horsfield has been asked to sit on the Contamination and Control Network committee.

The CCN is the key cleanroom society of the UK but also has members all over the world. The qualifications offered by the network are accredited by the CTCB-I and you can find information on those offered here.

North Cheshire Chamber of Commerce Business Award

In 2022 ISO Cleanroom won the prestigious Start Up Business of the year award against very stiff competition of some 100 plus entries. The judging panel consisted of local businesses; Astra Zeneca, Citation and The Chamber of Commerce.

It was a fantastic accolade and acknowledgment of the hard work the whole team had put in during our first years of trading.

Anthony Horsfield, ISO Cleanroom.
ISO Cleanroom winner of North East Cheshire Business awards Start up of the year
ISO Cleanroom wins Cheshire business award, 2022.

Toni Horsfield wins Alderley Park Pre-Accelerator Workshop, 2022.

Toni took a fledgling cleanroom design idea focused on start ups and R&D as the customer democratic. It impressed the judges by its customer focus and inception due to a well researched market need. The design is still in development and we are working with Marks & Clerk LLP to secure a patent on the design.

I am so excited to bring this product to market. It is going to help so many people. This is an important part to the future of ISO Cleanroom.

Toni Horsfield, ISO Cleanroom.

Our Values

• Helpful
• Knowledgeable
• Quality
• Friendly
• Creative
• Safety
• Clear communication
• Empathy


At ISO Cleanroom we pride ourselves in our customer focus and cleanroom knowledge. In order for us to best serve our valued customers we believe that we need to be at the forefront of advances in the cleanroom industry.


We believe in lifelong learning and have a full training program using a diverse range of courses and trainings both in person, virtual, individual and as a group.


Quality systems, their implementation and monitoring are vital to the contamination and control industry and promotes a customer lead business.


It might seem trivial to some but it is a fundamental foundation to our culture. All of our team have a friendly and positive demeaner which makes for a positive work environment and a strong support network if things don’t go to plan.


In order to bring a fresh perspective to the clean environment market we value and nurture a pro experimental culture, harnessing the potential to make positive change.


As a construction contractor we are dedicated to safe practice which threads through our procurement, training, management and installation processes.

Clear communication

Our aim is to offer simple and honest advice. We believe that in order to communicate clearly you must know your subject inside and out to break it down to its simplest form. Improving efficiency and reducing customer frustration.


In order for us to be as helpful as possible we need to recognise both the similarities and the differences of another companies culture and practices and tailor our support to suit.


We work with some of the world’s largest brands. 

‘We have always aimed to surpass our customers’ expectations and this has stood us well against the competition but at the end of the day, you don’t work with our client base unless you really know your stuff.’

Toni Horsfield, ISO Cleanroom.

Aston Martin F1, NASA, Airbus Defence and Space in partnership with ESA, Boeing, Rolls Royce, RAF, F1, Sony, Microsoft, Dolby, Bosch Rexroth, Continental and Balfour Beatty.

We proudly support world leading researchers through; 

British Antarctic Survey, U.S. National Science Foundation and the U.K. Natural Environment Research Council, The Royal Observatory, Catalyst Satellite, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Warwick University, Manchester University, King Collage London, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Moorfield Eye hospital, Birmingham Children’s hospital, The Bloodhound project and many more. 

We have designed and installed cleanrooms for sculptures to go to the moon, field cleanrooms for the military and cleanrooms on trains for use in the Channel Tunnel.  You could say that cleanrooms is a dry subject but not with our clients! I get so excited to hear about your projects. The more unusual the better!