Cleanroom solutions specialists

We believe that the key to providing a successful cleanroom solution is in the brief; specifically making sure that there is a deep understanding of the customers unique requirements for their cleanroom before a design is considered. We are very interested in the process; the stages that your product goes through from raw materials and […]

Who needs a cleanroom?

ISO 6 cleanroom

The use of cleanrooms is diverse. Products from a wide variety of sectors manufacture goods that require the contamination control provided by a cleanroom. You will commonly find cleanrooms in companies producing electronics, semiconductors, micromechanics, optics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and drink, and hospitals.  Research & development specialists across industry sectors are keen to […]

What is a Cleanroom?

ISO 14644 defines a cleanroom as; “A defined space within which the number and concentration of airborne particles is controlled and classified, and which is constructed and operated in a manner to control the introduction, generation, and retention of contaminants inside the space.” ISO 14644 is the global standard for cleanroom design and validation, but […]